Friday, November 19, 2010

Whoa Nelly!!!!!

What is up????

I am so excited. My South Carolina Gamecocks beat the snot out of the Florida Gators Saturday night. I am so pupmed. USC has won their first SEC East division title. Two more games left in the regular season and then the SEC Championship game in the ATL and then a bowl game. What a season.

Today has been a very physical day for me. This morning I did a some bench presses. Mid-afternoon I played a little basketball. After work my wife and I went for a 3.1 mile run. This evening I went and played basketball.

My feet are slightly sore after today. I am very excited I am trying to make a change.

I really need to kick the sweet tea kick I have been on here lately. The school cafeteria provides me with all the free sweet tea I want to drink. And boy do I like to drink it. Gotta cut that junk out for sure.

My run today wasn't great, but it was not terrible either. I walked with my wife a couple of times and then finished out on my own. 37 minutes. 3 miles. Not too shabby. Could have been much better though. But hey, I mean it has been since August since I have done any real running.

Gotta make that turn though.


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  1. Great blog you should check out the Spartan Race it was a great training goal for me