Monday, June 28, 2010

Ever since my buddy passed away I have not wanted to work out or eat healthy. I am still pissed off that God would allow this friend of mine to needlessly die at such an early age. What does it matter if I work my butt off to get close to my fitness/health goals to only die before I could enjoy my new life??? I am frustrated and pissed off about the whole thing. I hope I can get myself squared away soon.

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  1. shep:
    i'm sorry for your pain and your questioning of why God allows the things He does at the time He does. i have questioned Him for many years and i've asked Him several times to just let me go, but He won' i've so many pages of questions for Him that day we meet, but i know all of those questions will mean absolutely nothing when i stand in His presence. one of the few pleasure i experience is when i close that door and go out on my walk, jog, run and for that time i am the winner of the race. i will prayer for you my friend, that's the least i can do.
    keep going forward.