Friday, August 27, 2010

steppin' in the right direction.

Wednesday, I went to bed before 7 PM. It was awesome to get enough sleep for once. Not that I am complaining, when I do not get enough sleep it is always my own fault. Thursday AM I got out of bed about 530 or 545. I jumped on the treadmill and slowly pounded out a little over a mile. My goal is to slowly work back up to 3 plus miles. I am going to do it slowly so I am not having to deal with lower leg pains like I did in previous months. I had every intention of running 3 miles Thursday AM, but when my legs started screaming that my 230 plus frame was too much to handle I hit the showers. Well, just the shower.

Thursday night I played basketball like usual. I sweated and ran and ran and sweated. I am disappointed with the percentage of shots that actually went in. Some days are better than others. In all reality I am better off now as a basketball player than I was at this time last year. I have no crazy thoughts of being anything but a pick-up or church league baller. I have a good time playing and hanging out. I look forward to Monday and Thursday's.



  1. hi,

    i just kind of stumbled upon your blog and wanted to wish you god luck! keep up the good work!

    :-) Carmen

  2. You can do it! You inspired me to start running again... I have now completed five 5k's this summer and I had not run in one since I had a heart attack in 2004. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  3. Hey Shep...I've seen you on Cockytalk. Glad to find another Gamecock in Oconee. Just discovered your blog, keep up the good work, you just might inspire me to get back in the gym. Losing the weight is tough, keeping it off so much tougher.