Wednesday, July 7, 2010

back at it

My wife has been on me about running. I finally listened and got on the treadmill today. Man did it feel good to be back at it. I started out at a 6 rpm on the treadmill working up to an 8.2. I couldnt keep it at an 8.2, only because the circuit breaker kept tripping. It was a great run though. I ran for 30 minutes with a little leg pain. Breathing was no problem at all.
I am registered for another 5K in August. As soon as I get paid I am going to register for a half marathon in October. Spinxfest on October 30th will be my first half marathon. There may be a 13.1 sticker/tshirt purchase soon after that. I am not looking forward to the training, but cannot wait until the run.

It felt great running today. Looking forward to getting back to business.

CONGRATS to my Carolina Gamecocks for winning the College World Series National Championship! GO COCKS!

Still alive and not taking life too serious, because no one makes it out alive.


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