Monday, March 12, 2012

Rest Day

I decided to take the day off today. I worked out hard Friday, moderately Saturday, and hard on Sunday. I got lots of extra sleep. With a face like mine, lots of extra sleep is needed. I picked my children up from school this afternoon. We piled into the car and they started yapping about needing a snack. I told them that a snack was something I could accommodate for them. When we passed by the gas station they started moaning about me not getting them a snack. I told them I would stop and get them a snack, just not at a gas station where you can get a bunch of junk food. I took them to the local super market and got us some veggies and fruits. I am getting my children involved in eating healthy and exercising. We stopped at a local sporting good store today and they were picking out new shoes. I told them if they wanted the new shoes, then they would have to earn them. We already make them do chores as their way of giving back to living in the house and having all that they need. They agreed to my idea of them earning new shoes. I told them they would have to log 10 miles on the treadmill or on the track by Sunday and they could get new shoes. If they were in NEED of new shoes, I would have bought them on the spot, but they do not NEED new shoes. They are gung-ho about this idea. Each kid has logged at least one mile already. The two girls have already knocked out 2.

I am very much into this new healthy lifestyle. I have fought the temptation of the foods I know aren't good for me and I have stayed away from the sugary drinks as well. I cannot believe I am actually liking the salads and vegetables. I am turning into a gym rat rather quickly. I get kinda perturbed when I don't get to go to the gym or if I don't have enough time to finish my full workout.

My next 5K is just around the corner. I cannot wait. My goal is to get in under 31 minutes. I think I can get there, but it will take hard work and sticking with my training. Come out and join the Fat Funny Guy for the Walhalla Elementary 5K.


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