Monday, January 11, 2010

The above photo is of me crossing the finish line of the Octoberfest 2009 5K. As you can see my race time was terrible. At one point in my life I could run a mile in under 8 minutes and run 2 miles in under 15 minutes......

Today was a fairly good day overall. Minus the confusion of what is expected of me as a Student Teacher at Un-Said U. I had breakfast. Cherrios with reduced fat milk and some toast. Not too bad, but I am in no way an expert in nutrition, nor am I ready to become one. For lunch I had some leftover pasta alfredo. After lunch I had some time to kill, so I went for a brisk walk. For dinner I had a subway sub and a bag of potato chips. Not great, but not bad either. The only beverage of the day was WATER. Hence the 50 million trips the bathroom.

I jumped on the treadmill this evening and went to work. I set a goal to complete 30 minutes. I started out at a brisk walk working my way up to a slow steady jog. I felt pride and accomplishment because I set a goal and did not give up on myself. Normally I start feeling discomfort and I throw in the towel. I am proud that I met my goal.

On the other hand, I feel shame and guilt. 30 minutes on the treadmill is not too bad, but I only covered 2 miles in 30:05. No way am I happy with the distance covered. I feel shame and guilt for allowing myself to fall this far below my previous fitness level. At one point I loved to run and could run forever.

I know this is just a small step in the right direction. And I know the increases in my fitness level will not be as fast as I want them to be. I know that I am going to improve and make my way back to where I was in the past.

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  1. Private Pyle, keep up the good work.

  2. Great picture of your family. Tell 'em I say hey. Oh yeah, my brother is a psycho-healthy nutcase now. He has lost like 80 pounds and he is a semi-competitive body builder. It makes me sick. You motivated freaks.

  3. Ahhh.. unsaid university makes me want to run too! However, I run anyway, but it does help get the stress out you will find. I am running the Marine Corps Marathon in October....if I can do it and not die, you can do it in Feb!! YOU GO SHEP!!!