Sunday, January 10, 2010

Numero Uno

For most of my adult life I have been fat. I am tired of paying extra for bigger clothes. I am going to talk about my struggles and failures along with my wins. My goal for 2010 is to get down to 210 pounds. My current weight is 262. I am currently wearing a 2XL shirt and a 42 waist.

I am going to be real with you. I am going to tell you exactly how I feel about any and everything.

I was watching TV's The Biggest Loser and saw how the contestants were weighing in infront of all their families and friends and was inspired to start this blog. I need some accountablity. I also want to encourage others in their weight loss struggles.

My family and I like to get out and enjoy life. We love to go camping, swimming, hiking, pretty much anything that gets us out of the house. My wife is fond of taking pictures of our family when we are out enjoying life. I have hidden from the camera many times because I was shirt-less and did not want to have my picture taken with no shirt. I have deleted many, many, many pictures of me with out a shirt on. It is embarrasing and I am tired of it.

This is the first of many steps to be taken to shed the weight and keep it off.

My 2010 goals:
Drop my weight to 210 pounds
Drink more water
Exercise at least 3 times a week
Encourage others in the struggles

I look forward to blogging about this journey.



  1. Alright!!!!! Our very own biggest loser! I think we should have shirts made! :o) Too bad there isn't a 150 thousand dollar prize at the end!! You can do it!!!

  2. ....wanted to come back and see your first post. shep, you can tell such a difference in your 2 pictures. you're doing great!! i too have watched the biggest loser (you thought i would have lost weight) and am proud of anyone brave enough to post their weight and say "hey, i've got to change this." 211 and 5'1, i've got to change this!! keep up the good work my friend. you're an inspiration to me!