Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slow Moving Vehicle Ahead

This week has been great for me. My eating habits are slowly transforming. I am by no means a health food fanatic, but I am slowly making some changes that will be beneficial to my health. I am still on a steady stream of water. I am drinking between five and six bottles of water each day. I have switched my bread from the delicious Captain John Derst white bread, to wheat. Plain, regular wheat bread. I am actually OK with wheat bread, it is the wheat tortilla shells that I really, really hate.

My beautiful wife and I had dinner out with some friends Saturday night. We went to a steak house, you know the gimmicky place where you throw the peanut shells on the floor. They bring out the bread. Instead of my eating the customary 6 pieces, I go moderate and only eat three. I normally order an appetizer, a salad, the biggest RIBEYE they have, side items, sweet tea and a dessert. This time, I did switch up my game plan. I skipped dessert, the sweet tea, the appetizer, the side items, and the biggest steak. I simply got myself a salad with steak in it. Much less food than I normally order, but I still left feeling like I got enough to eat.

After an awesome day at church I came home and checked out my face book page. I saw that an athlete that played up the road at Clemson University had died of a heart attack at 26. TWENTY SIX years old. I am older than that, and in much worse shape physically. I feel terrible for his family. But this makes me really look at my own health with an even higher powered magnifying glass. I have three of the smartest, sweetest children that I want to see graduate high school and college and get married. I have to make some healthy changes to make sure this happens.

My awesome church has it's own basketball league that I play in. I played basketball today and went home and jumped on the treadmill. I set a goal of 36 minutes. I walked briskly for two minutes and then ran for 34 minutes. I got to the 36 minute mark and slowed down to a nice walk to cool down. I got to thinking about the football player who died and ran for another five minutes.

I tell you about my running and personal struggles because I want to encourage some one else to make a healthy change in their life and have some accountability. I also want to use this media outlet to tell you about the love of Jesus. Without the love of Jesus my life would be much worse off than it is. I have messed up all my life and Jesus still loves me unconditionally. No matter how bad I mess up, Jesus will run to me. Life is hard with or with out the love of Jesus in your life, but with Jesus in your life it is so much more worth it.

I cannot wait to get this week started.


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  1. Wow! Very encouraging and what a great testimony! Your family is such an inspiration...religiously and physically!