Sunday, January 31, 2010

It has been a while

I know some of you have been wondering if I have given up. Nope. I am still moving forward. As a student teacher and a father it seems like I am being pulled in fifteen directions at once. I am still working toward my goal of 210 in 2010.

Praise God we have a two hour delay tomorrow. I am going to a local gym and check out what they have going on. If they have clean showers, I just may be joining tomorrow. If I find the showers acceptable to use, then I will be able to work out even more.

The low impact stuff will help keep me from being out of commission for three and four says at a time. Which in turn will speed up my weight loss. I cannot wait until Feb 10th when I put up a new picture and reveal how much weight I have lost in the first month of my journey.

Dave Odom, thanks for the great music at church this AM. Sorry we had to give you the beat down on the hardwood though.

Some of these people on the Grammy's really should re-think their wardrobe. Just because you are rich and skinny enough to wear it does not mean it makes you look good. Use some of that money and hire me to keep you from looking crazy.

Still making progress and eating much more healthy.


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  1. Hi Shep-

    You can do this. It's a matter of not giving up and getting back up if there's a slip. Keep using Sparkpeople. Track your intake. Hey--what about water areobics or swimming? Easy on the knees and good all over low stress workout. In the name of the pony-tailed guy on the funny exercise machine "You can doooo itttt!"

    Jude Eastman Life and Soul Coach