Monday, February 1, 2010

Joined the gym

I went and signed up to become a member of the local gym. I say THE local gym because it is the only one available. If I had the money to open my own fitness place here in the Oconee County area I would do it.

The equipment looks to be pretty nice stuff. The space is cramped. The layout of the gym its self was pretty bad. The locker room, well the two restrooms with showers in them were clean. That was really the only requirement I had.

My main goal and purpose was to get a membership so I could have access to low impact equipment to help me get my weight down so my bones, muscles, and joints aren't screaming at me after I run. I love to run, but I hate the pain of a run for three and four days afterwards.

I feel like the gym membership is going to help me at least get down to a reasonable enough weight where I can get out and start running on the roads and tracks around here.

There are some draw backs to this whole getting up early and going to the gym thing. You see, I have a great wife who fixes my protein shake for breakfast and prepares my lunch for me. If I am leaving the house before she is awake, how in the world will these things get taken care of? I think I can take care of my own lunch, but no way am I running the blender in the AM before any one is awake and moving. On the other hand, if I did wake the kids up with the blender, they may actually be up and ready to go on time for a change.

Counting down the days until the new picture goes up.


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