Monday, February 22, 2010

another monday.....

I sorta worked out on Sunday. I play, or attempt to, church league basketball. The team I play on was missing 4 players, so I played alot more minutes than normal. Which is fine with me because I love basketball. Back when I was under 220 I was actually a pretty good player. By time the game was over, I was smoked. One good thing about my size, I can hold my own in the low post and anyone driving in on me may want to pull up because I am not moving. You will meet the floor. Ask Paul.

Monday produced another long day. I did start taking a multivitamin recently and have noticed I am less tired during the day. I started off my workout by doing leg presses. I hope to increase my vertical. I did some other weight stuff that I have no idea what its called. Ran on the treadmill some. Then, I hit the dumbells before hitting the stationary bike.

I feel like I am making progress in my journey to improved health and a lower weight. My family has been so supportive. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support.

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