Monday, February 15, 2010

Swimming is supposed to be easy

This has been a long weekend thanks to an inservice and a day off from school. My wife and I decided today that we should do something fun as a family. We went to the Clemson Central Rec. Center today for a swim. If you have the ability to visit this Rec. Center I recommend it.

I haven't made the time to hit the gym this weekend. This crazy busy life syndrome has been kicking my butt. I have kept to my guns about eating healthy and staying away from the real Coke. I am still eating MUCH smaller portions than before and I am able to stay away from the sweets.

While we were swimming I decided to swim a lap. On the way down I did well. On the way back I was very very winded. I made it almost half way before I had to flip over swim on my back. We played in the shallow end for a while. After a few more minutes I swam to the end of the pool and back. By time we finished up at the pool, I had completed 5 laps. On the way home my wife and I were talking and she informed me down and back was really ONE lap.

SO I only did two and a half laps. 35 laps (down and back or 70 total) would equal one mile. I was able to "sprint" half a lap in 19 seconds. IF I were able to keep up that pace I would be able to swim a mile in 20 minutes. NO WAY would I be able to keep up that pace though.

I am already sore. My shoulders and arms are aching. If I am to get a teaching job after graduation I hope to be able to move my family closer to civilization and join a gym with a pool. That was one of the hardest work outs I have had in a while. I can deal with sore muscles, but the beating I take when I run about kills me.

Still moving toward my goal of 210 in 2010.


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  1. Swimming is a GREAT way to exercise! If you get any other chances to swim, take them. Your legs, knees and ankles will definitely thank you! Keep up the good work skinny dude and keep posting!