Monday, February 8, 2010

back to work

Today was my 29th birthday. Another year older. Whoooooo. Nothing big to report on. My oldest child was sick so we did not go out to eat like we usually do to celebrate. I whipped through the drive thru at the not so local Chick-fil-a and grabbed us all some dinner. I can hear the collective gasps now. It is OK, I did not order the deep fried chicken droplets from heaven, I got the grilled chicken sandwich instead. At least I am going with a healthy alternative. Normally I would have had 2 of the original sandwiches and a huge bucket of Coke plus a milkshake.

I am still maintaining some type of order with my eating habits. I feel more proud of myself and the way I have been eating. In the past I would eat way more than I should have ever thought about. I think it is because I grew up in the "clean your plate" era.

Tomorrow morning it is back to the gym time. I am looking forward to working up a good sweat. I have two more morning work outs before the new picture and the big reveal.

I just hope all of you can contain yourselves between now and then.


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