Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Month Down

Tuesday morning I hit the gym at 4:15 and put in 50 minutes of cardio. I warmed up with 15 minutes on the bike, ran a mile on the treadmill and did another 20 minutes on the bike. I was drenched in sweat when I was done. After my work out I beat feet to my house to have a protein shake my wonderful wife made for me. Afterwards I went to teach my 3rd graders. What a long day it was going to be. We had Math and Science night so I didn't leave the school until 7:30 that night.

Wednesday morning I slept straight through my alarm, so I did not get to go to the gym.
I did not have an opportuinty to add a new picture because my wife forgot the camera in her classroom, so I will get it up ASAP.

After a month of eating habit changes and exercise 2 to 4 times a week my weight has changed.

Jan 10, 2010 weight = 262
Feb 10, 2010 weight = 252

I am happy with the weight loss. And I am even happier with the eating habits I have changed. The exercise hurts and causes me some residual pain, but it is worth it. I will eventually get my weight down and the pain will eventually go away.

I am looking forward to this continued journey.

Short term goals:
I want to run in a 5K in March and April.
I want to get my 5K time for March down around 34 minutes.
And for the 5K in April I would like to see my time down around 32 or 31 minutes.

I appreciate all the kind words from everyone and all the support. Tell somebody you know about my crazy journey. Maybe one day I will have enough followers to make it on TV.

Happily moving forward!


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