Monday, January 18, 2010


I jumped on the treadmill today. I was on the machine for a minute for a whole minute before my knees were screaming at me. My shins and ankles were also expressing tons of displeasure. I did not want to not run so I set my mind to struggling through. Nope, wasn't happening. My legs from the knees down were pretty much numb after four minutes. I was able to struggle through 10 minutes of some very painful running.

I stretched a little bit after the 10 minutes and went to walking. I jacked the incline all the way up so I would have a good walk. I was able to walk for about two minutes at this incline level. I lowered it and did some interval running for about 5 minutes.

Overall my run sucked big time. I am so disappointed in today's run. I have just now gotten back into running and now I am hurting after just a few minutes. I am frustrated with the whole situation. It makes me think, am I being a wimp, am I pushing myself too hard too fast, could I do more????? It is very frustrating.

I was hoping to keep the momentum going from yesterday's awesome run. This is one sorry way to start off a week. At least I did have a good run yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow or Wed. I will be ready to run strong again.

I am going to ice my legs down for a little while and then off to bed for another LONG day tomorrow.


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