Sunday, January 24, 2010

NQNBA Not Quite the NBA.

Today's basketball game with the church league was fun like always. And we pulled out a win. Dave Odom and his Hurricane's better watch out next Sunday. I was actually a pretty good ball player back when I wasn't so stinking fat. I can barely jump now with this mud tire around my waist. I am working toward being able to play to the caliber I was able to back when I lived in a much more diverse city.

After watching The Biggest Loser on my handy dandy DVR, I got to thinking about why I am as fat as I am. Why did I start turning to food as a comforter. In order for me to make a healthy change and keep that change in place, I have to identify why food became a safe haven for me.

The only thing that I can think of, is me being a lonely guy. I am often awake after everyone else has gone to bed and find myself wanting to have a companion. What better companion than that big bag of chips, or that half of sleeve of Chips Ahoy cookies? When I would stay up watching my TV shows on the handy dandy DVR, I would make up for the meals I missed during the day. I would also want to have conversation with another adult. Since my wife wasn't the night owl I was, I would turn to the things that never disagreed with me or called me on the bull crap I was believing, food. Actually, it was the junk food.

I do not eat after 7:30 pm now-a-days. When my children ask me to buy doughnuts, cookies, or ice cream I give them a firm NO. I feel like I am on my way to changing the way I ate, but I am not going to put the temptations in front of me. If it isn't here in the cabinet, it is that much harder to get to.

I got my wife to buy me some fruit and yogurt for my lunches. I am still plugging along on the Internet trying to find some advice on the more healthy choices I can make for myself.

Tomorrow is going to be a long busy day. I am going to have to work extra hard at making myself hit the treadmill for just a little bit tomorrow.

Still taking baby steps toward my goal of 210 lbs in 2010.


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