Sunday, March 14, 2010

3-14-2010 Running out of clever titles

Here we go folks. We are getting ready to start another week. This past week was a long week again. I am getting closer and closer to finishing out my career as an undergrad student. I cannot wait for this portion of my life to come to a close so I can move on to the next phase.

I played basketball again today. We put together a solid game and pulled out a win. My performance was much better this week than in weeks past. I pulled in several rebounds and put up several points. I have conflicting reports on the actual number right now. My wife says I scored 7 and I believe I scored 5. I do know that it is an odd number though. Maybe if I could make more of my free throws I could have had more points. I did have a blast playing today though. I really worked up a sweat today. I got a great workout today.

I am really not happy with the number of workouts I have had at the gym in the past couple of weeks. I have had a lot of work going on at school, but this is real life and I cannot let life get in the way of my becoming healthy. If I fall back into the rut of not working out and getting lazy again, then real life may not continue to happen.

I really want to continue to see results. In order for those results to happen, I am going to have to make myself get to the gym. I hope to make it running a few times this week as well. March 27th I have a 5K to run in. My goal for this 5K is to finish and beat my wife. If anyone wants to run in a 5K, Walhalla Elementary is having one on the 27th. You can come run with the famous Fat Funny guy.


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