Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness Hangover Cure

Went to the gym to play some basketball tonight. I was very disappointed to see there were only 4 of us playing tonight. At first I was wondering how much fun it was going to be playing 2 on 2. Not only was it fun, but it was a much more intense workout that playing 5 on 5. I would much much rather play 5 on 5, but I will play basketball at any time, even with 9 year olds.

I broke down and played ball tonight in my running shoes. WHY in the world did I wait this long to switch shoes??????? Actually, the reason I have played in my basketball shoes despite the pain stems back to Iraq. When I was in Iraq I played basketball ALL the time. The only times I ever got hurt in Iraq was playing basketball in my low top running shoes. I twisted an ankle at least 5 times and skinned every elbow and knee I owned. If I would have had 10 more of each I am sure I would have skinned those as well. This was back when I was around 205 lbs and could play basketball with the best of them.

I have 18 school days left until my Undergrad Academic Career is over. I can see a lot of  physical exercise in my future.

I am so ready to get fit. It has been a long journey so far and an even longer journey ahead of me. Despite the pain I will be having in my legs on Saturday I am looking forward to the 5K.

In other news, some of the guys I play basketball with during the league want to get a league going, if you are interested let me know.

Spring Break is 8 school days away. I am looking forward to getting out of town. We have talked about going camping in Charleston, SC. We are going to have to get the camper opened up sometime this week and check things out and get ready to hit the "open road."

We are slowly becoming some semi-serious campers. We bought the camper last year in June, we went camping a lot last year. I hope to be able to go even more this summer. Running and biking around a campground would be great exercise. Swimming opportunities will be a plenty as well.

Looking forward to continuing my journey.


Still not sure why my spell check button is missing. I am not great at revising my writing. I promise I will try to get better at this for your sake.


  1. Just want you to know, I found your blog through a post you made on the Couch to 5K facebook page, and it inspired me to start my own blog! I've been trying to successfully lose weight for a while now, and keep going up and down with my weight. Thanks for the inspiration to blog. It looks like it keeps you accountable, and I hope it does the same for me! Good luck and congratulations on your success so far!

  2. Thanks! I have found I can only slack off for a much shorter time frame now that I am blogging. The more and more I blog about my journey, the more focused I am becoming. Blogging is a very addictive thing for me. Kind of hard for me to blog about my journey if I am camped out on the couch. Good luck in your journey. Leave me your blog address and I will follow your progress.


  3. Congratulations on making a decision that will improve the rest of your life! I also found your blog via the Cto5K FB post. I am trying to make health changes before we have a family and trying to just in general become a better person.

  4. Thank you very much. It is not easy trying to become healthy, but it is worth every minute spent trying. I am looking forward to reading your blog. Thanks for checking out my blog.