Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moving Forward

I wanted to workout badly today. I chose not to work out today so I could allow my legs some recovery time. My shins and hip were giving me A LOT of pain today. I probably could give myself a better chance at not hurting so much if I would stretch more. More???? Maybe if I would stretch at all then I would give myself a better chance at not being so sore. I really wish I had a gym close by with a pool and a hot tub. I think swimming would be an awesome way to get a workout without my shins and hip hurting for days afterward. A hot tub would be a great post workout place to wind down (as long as the big hairy dude has already gone home).

I found a link on the VA website about a weight management program for veterans. I filled out a questionaire and have an appointment on March 22nd. While I am there I am going to get my blood checked out to see if there are any extra vitamins I need to be taking. I filled the link out on Monday and had a letter in the mail today. Not sure if that is what the appointment is for or not though. I am looking forward to going though. I am also eligible to see the nutrionist there as well. I am going to make an appointment to see him as well to see if there are any other things I can be doing to help me reach my goal of 210 pounds in 2010.

I am getting ready to start running in some 5K's pretty soon. My wife showed me some shoe laces that are supposed to reduce friction on your feet while running. I decided to try them out. They are great. Once you put them in your shoes, you no longer have to worry about your shoes coming untied. Your shoes can slide on and off easily. Besides the convienience, they have made my shoes that much more comfortable. I found them on Amazon if anyone wants to check them out. iBungee Stretch Laces (30-Inch, White Laces with Off-White Race Lock). I bought the 34 inch ones and they are plenty long enough.

I am looking forward to moving on to another day. This day has been so long.

Still struggling toward my goal. But I am putting the effort forth and I am sticking to my plan. I need to make another adjustment to help get me a little closer.

I looked up my BMI (body mass index) for my starting weight and my current weight.

Weight                 BMI
262                     35.53
244                     33.09

Pretty exciting to see some resluts here. I am still in the obese category. 3 more points I will be into the overweight category. Being categorized as overweight is not great, but it is better than being obese.


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