Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Bit of Rest!

I took today off from working out. I did not want to do though, but I thought it would be best. I have a 5K race on Sat. I am struggling with the pain in my right hip and right knee and calf. This is very frustrating. I am very frustrated with the way things are going with my body.

Not only am I frustrated about my hip and knee but I screwed up and had a piece of coffee cake tonight. Here I was yesterday ranting and raving about trying to stay away from sweets and I go and eat some tonight. Not happy I did not show self control, especially after I go off about how I need to stay away from them. I am seriously tired of the way things are going.

I am looking forward to getting things squared away. Making slight changes week by week.



  1. One piece of cake won't kill you! It's better to get a taste of it and be done with it. If you deny yourself everything sweet, you'll just crave it that much more. Look at me and banana splits from DQ!!! Just get back on the wagon and make a better choice next time:)

  2. At least the banana is healthy..... It is frustrating, but it is alright. If I keep this mess up I am going to have to come join you guys for the Chalean sessions.