Thursday, March 4, 2010


In todays society (yes I know I am missing an apostrophe. My phone randomly has one on the touch screen keyboard or this symbol, @.) We have lots of abbreviations and acronyms. I decided I am the fat funny guy, a published author sorta, would make up my own acronym. LLP stands for lower leg pain. LLP basically hurts like crap. My workout today was rather painful. I have been doing a lot of jump rope before my cardio workouts in hopes of increasing my "hops" for basketball. I do not know what is causing the pain, other than the workouts, and it is driving me bonkers. I am at my wits end. Seems like I get motivated to get some work done and really start burning into a workout and some kind of stumbling block is thrown in my narrow path. I am already easily distracted enough as it is, I do not need more distractions. I have been doing much better at drinking water. My wife saw a woman eating a bagel the other morning and thought we should have some. She bought us some whole grain bagels. Not again will I try that.

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