Monday, March 1, 2010

Doing work

Have I mentioned how I much I love to play basketball? I played Sunday, well until I got hit with a Technical Foul with 5 minutes to go and had to sit the bench. A friend of mine invited me to come out and play some pick up games with them tonight. Of course I could not say no. I played two 15 to 20 minute games. After I played basketball I went to the gym and did a quick workout.

While at the gym I put in 15 minutes on the bike, did some curls, and jumped rope. Jumping rope is not as easy as these little kindergarten girls in curls make it look. I would get about 25 reps in and then mess up some where. Hopefully putting in all this time jumping rope will help increase my cardio and increase my vertical "leap".

I am going to do my best tomorrow to make it out to the super cushioned track at Clemson University and run a couple miles to help get me more prepared for the 5K on Saturday. If your company would like to provide me with some awesome gear for running, (ahem, Nike) I would love to advertise for you.

Moving forward and trying not to stumble along the way.


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