Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Monday down

In a few hours another Monday will go down in the owned column. After a long day at school and an hour drive to order graduation stuff I came home and grabbed my basketball gear. I did not want to see the inside of that cluttered gym today. I went and played an hour or so of basketball. I would love to be able to play an hour of ball every day but I seriously doubt my shins could hold up. I was limping by the end of todays games after playing two days in a row. I am so frustrated with all of the dings and pains. I am looking forward to the day when I leave the gym and I am not hobbling or limping and can go play ball the next day. My feet took a pounding today as well. I will be wearing my running shoes tomorrow @ school for sure.
I am hoping to get in some actual running in the next week or so. It may take several hours sitting with ice bags on my shins afterwards though. We shall see what we can come up with.


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