Monday, March 15, 2010


Anyone know where I can get a new set of shins? I am really hurting right now. My left shin is killing me. I played basketball again tonight. Ran full court on a concrete court. Concrete was probably not really meant to be a basketball court. I bet it is a very economical choice, but hardwood not only looks better, but is much easier on the knees and legs. I really enjoy playing basketball. I push myself so the other guys on my team don't have to work as hard. I am not the best offensive ball handler or shooter, but I will D you up in a heartbeat, and I play very physically. I WILL not flop on the ground when taking a charge. I stand in the paint and let the opposing player run into and they hit the floor. I am busting my butt trying to get in great shape not just to be healthy, but so I can play basketball and be an integral part of the game.

This journey is not easy at all. I am struggling. I hate the way things are going right now. Sometimes I just want to quit and go back to the way life was. Lazy was so much easier. I am hating life right now. I am putting one foot in front of the other, but feel like I am getting kicked and pushed backward as I go.

Struggling to keep fighting the fight.


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