Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weak Workout

Today's workout was less than stellar. I spent about 20 minutes on the stationary bike, SQUEAKING the WHOLE time. I moved to some sort of machines. I am weary of how much I use these torture looking devices because I am not exactly sure how to use them all. I ONLY use the machines that I know that I can use and not cause injury to myself. No idea what exercises I did with those machines, but I know I am shaky in the arms and chest right now.

This week I have been much more slack than normal with my eating. I have had several desserts at school this week. I have to remember I eat when I get lonely or bored and I have to distance myself from tempting food when I am in a funk.

When I get a teaching position I want to splurge and get myself a personal trainer. I am really clueless about what I should be doing other than cardio. I have never been given a tutorial on how these machines work at the gym, or what types of exercises I should be doing or how to do the ones I should be doing. As you can see, I have added a few more ads to the blog, IF I begin to see any income from these ads I will be using it for a personal trainer. So far the $1.93 I have made is not going to get me very much training.

My goal for tomorrow: Drink 2 32 ounce bottles of water. Avoid any desserts in the lounge.

Hoping and praying for results.

(IF there are any spelling errors I apologize, SOME how the spell check option is missing from the top)

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