Saturday, March 27, 2010

Race Day!!!!!

Today was the big day. My second ever 5K race. Walhalla Elementary does an annual Family Run to raise money for various family activities. You absolutely have to love a place that gets families together to do fun things. My family participated in today's events. My wife and I ran in the 5K and our three children ran in the Mile Fun Run.

Before the 5K they have the Mile Fun Run. Let me just say, this morning I had three little people bouncing all over the house complaining about the "stupid run". They were ADAMANT about not wanting to run anywhere. When we got to the school they saw all of their friends lining up to run and they completely forgot about not wanting to run. They lined up and ran.

This morning I told them who ever finished first would get $5, second would get $4, and third would get $3. I told them if anyone quit, they would not be getting any cash.

My little guy, Trevor 4, finished first. I could see him coming down the hill, and he was moving. He finished in 11 minutes. We don't have the official times yet. I got a little teary eyed seeing him running so hard. He was determined to finish and finish fast.

Riley my 7 year old daughter finished 2nd in 12 minutes. Ryann my 6 year old daughter finished in 13 minutes. When the official times are posted on the website I will look at last years times and break them down. If my memory serves me correctly, no one should ever rely on that, they all improved their times from last years run.

Now the 5K. I started out with a very nice steady pace. Down the hill was going well. I was passing people and I was looking good. You all know what is at the bottom of a hill right? Yep, I had to go up a hill. By the time I made it to the top of said hill my shins were not just on fire, but they were cramping up. I had to stop running and walk. I walked until my legs were calmed down enough for me to run again. I did this off and on for the whole 3.1 miles. I was very disappointed in my performance. It was not my best athletic showing in my life.

But to every sad story, there is a silver lining. The old Shep would have been fine with a DNF beside his name on the official times sheet. Not this time buddy. I was determined not to be the loser from the past. I was going to finish if it took me all day to walk and crawl back. I finished in 38 minutes and 40-59 seconds. Not sure yet. I did improve somewhat from my last 5K. If my legs would have been good to go what could I have done? My cardio was fine. I had no problem making the run as far as breathing was concerned, it was the leg pain that slowed me down.

My goals were:
1. Finish CHECK
2. Finish before my wife NO
3. Do not throw up CHECK
4. Run with pride CHECK

3 out of 4 goals completed isn't a bad day in my opinion.

April 17th  we will be competing in another 5K. The kids will be running in another mile event. We are looking forward to it. Lots of races on our calendar.

May 1, May 7th. May 8th is graduation day, so no running that day. I believe a piece of cake will be eaten that day as well. I well deserved piece of cake. Cash is always a welcome graduation gift. LOL.

Loving the fact that my family is doing healthy stuff together.



  1. ....oh wow. you made me cry!! what an awesome story and how wonderful that you're getting your children involved at a young age! you're "dnf" comment made me think of a quote i read "i may not be the fastest; but at least i'm not the lastest!" (feel free to use that - lol) your time is awesome!! i'm still on w3 of the program but still struggling at w1. struggling fat girl here!! but hey, we can do this!! congrats again to you AND your family. keep blogging. can't wait to follow your journey! i'm at:

  2. WAY TO GO SHEPHERDS!!!!!! So proud of ALL of you:) Y'all are definitely an inspiration and help keep me on track as well!!

  3. WTG - you are doing great! Ran my first 5K yesterday and have inspired my husband to start the program we can all be a running family! My time was 30.12.08 and I was shocked at my time but really pushed to beat my "training times" It was truly emotional and I enjoyed reading your story!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies. I love having people leave me comments. Hope you guys are having a great weekend.