Sunday, March 21, 2010

My March Madness is OVER

My basketball team lost our second game in the tournament eliminating us from the tournament. We were missing 4 players. Kind of hard to play basketball with only 6 players against a team with 11. I played as hard as I could, nothing out of the ordinary there. I was sweating like crazy today. I had a great workout.

At half-time I had to switch shoes. My basketball shoes are very stiff and do not allow my foot to flex very much causing a lot of pain and fatigue in my shins. Once I put my running shoes on ( you can find them on Amazon) I was able to play with a lot less pain.

I put up four points today. I averaged about 5 points per game this year. Hopefully with all this working out and running I am doing I will be a much improved player. At one point in my life, I was a pretty good ball player. I cannot wait to be back to that type of player again.

Even though my season is over, I am still going to be playing some pick-up games during the week. Hopefully I can find another place to play during the week so I can continue to get a good workout and improve my playing ability.

I do not know if I am going to play much this week because of the upcoming 5K on Saturday. If you are not doing anything come on down to Walhalla and come run with us. I just hope I can finish and beat my wife. If I can keep her in my sights,  I can sprint past her. For a fat guy, I am pretty fast.

Be praying for me as my academic career comes to a close. I will be looking for a teaching position for the upcoming school year. The budget has me beyond worried.

Trying to keep moving in the right direction.


Check out the shoes below. They are the most comfortable I have ever run in.

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