Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today after school my wife called me and asked me if I wanted to grab my running gear and go over to Clemson University and run on the track. I was all for it. I beat her there. When I started driving around to the track there was a guy a distance away blocking the driveway there. He stopped me and asked me if I had a parking pass. Never had to have a parking pass before. I was confused. I asked dude what was happening. The ACC Track and Field Championships. HMMMMMMM. I mean I have come a long way, but I did not really think I was ready to be running for a championship. So we decided to just watch for a while. How can you turn down free OUTDOOR entertainment???? We watched for a little bit and then headed to grab some food.

I then headed out to play basketball. You would think as much as I have been playing I would improve my shooting skills. NOPE no improvement seen.However, I did sweat several gallons of sweat. I think all together I played about an hour and a half tonight. I was ready to keep playing but we had lost a few guys so we did not have enough to keep playing.

Tomorrow I am going to just chill and relax my legs for Saturday's race. I am so excited and ready to run some more.

Keep the comments coming. I love hearing from you guys.

Loving the changes I have seen over this journey.


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