Monday, April 19, 2010

T-Shirt Ideas

I would like to make my own t-shirt to wear for my future 5K events. I want to get this logo on the front and the back. On the back I want to have a slogan. Here is where you get to help me out. In the comment section leave a slogan for my t-shirt.

My slogan I am throwing out: You may be skinny, but I am faster than you.


  1. You know an old colloquial phrase for 'hurry up' was 'Get the Lead Out!'. My humble offering would be 'Get the Lard Out!'

    Hmmm... can I think of any others?
    'I was here first'
    'Try to keep up, will ya?'
    'There's a skinny guy in this shirt, somewhere...'
    'Ok, so I'm fat, but I'm ahead of you!'
    'Follow me to the finish line'
    'So run, that you might obtain the prize.'

    Don't take offense by any of those, I'm just trying to play to your theme... I've got a bit of weight to lose through this too, about 40lbs.

  2. No offense at all. I am not easily offended or embarrased. Sometimes that isn't exactly an endearing quality. LOL.

    Great ideas, keep em' coming.

  3. Run like your tail's on fire!