Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Giving the current physical discomfort in my right hip I am going to restfully relax today. While I am hanging out on the couch with my wife, she is watching some stupid show recorded from the E channel. It is some reality TV show about some guy and his wife.

How can I say this nicely? I HATE reality shows. Seriously, my life is enough to deal with, why watch other people on TV acting like a bunch of fruit cakes?

I have been working on making my blog background look nice. Finally, I think I have gotten it pretty close to looking good. I have added an upcoming events section of future events I plan on running in. I am debating on putting my results there as well. Let me know what you think about that.

I have spent several minutes through the day stretching my hip. At least I think that is what I was doing. I would pick up my foot and hold my heel relatively close to my butt. I would also lay on the ground and pull my lower leg back stretching the muscle on the top of my thigh. When I do this it helps. Maybe I should take some kind of anatomy class so I can describe these stretches a little better.

Moving forward one day at a time.


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