Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I spent the evening hanging out with my family and another family from our church at the park. We went for a little walk with the kids and pretty much enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I am torn about what to do about tomorrow evening. I can play basketball, play golf, or go home. I know I need to stay home and rest my hip and legs. I really want to go play golf and then go play basketball. Who knows what the day will bring.

I did stretch my right leg out a decent amount today. Not sure if what I was doing even helped, but I was actually stretching. That doesn't happen often. My annual doctor visit is coming up next week. Boy has my doctor got a lot of questions headed her way. Normally I plop my fat butt in a chair uninterested in anything going on. Oh no, not now. I am now actually concerned about my health and how I can improve my life span. I hope I can get some kind of relief for this hip. I also want to know about these funny little bumps on my lower legs. I am going to make an appointment with the nutritionist too.

These changes are starting to scare me.



  1. Hey there! I just found your blog through the running message board (I'm CLS89 over there), anyways I just wanted to say hi because I noticed your from SC. I'm actually a Clemson student but hopefully you won't hate me for it :p Good luck on the weight loss! Btw I also have a running blog at

  2. Cristina,
    Great blog. I dont hate you for going to Clemson. They have a great engineering program over there. Good luck on the marathon. I hope to eventually get to the point where I can run one.