Monday, April 26, 2010


My first day off from school. WOW. I had to take a package and ship it Fed Ex.  I was at the wrong place and on top of that I had a flat tire. I was about 1/4 of a mile from the tire shop. I was going to try and just limp on over. Nope. It was way too flat to make it out of the parking lot. I pulled off to the side in front of Dollar General. I was blocking 2 or 3 spaces so I could be towed out if needed. I was getting some very nasty looks from some blue haired granny's throwing me some nasty looks. I called road side service since I am paying for it. They were an hour away. No way was I going to sit there for an hour waiting. I put my big boy pants on and changed my tire myself.

After we finally got the tire squared away we headed over to the track at Clemson. Trevor and I tried to run some laps. I ran about 3 good laps before I got sick of running into the 100 mile an hour winds. OK maybe 100 miles an hour is a little over statement. I would get close to Trevor and he would sprint away so I would not pass him. He would walk a little bit and then roll around in the grass. He was so funny.

I cooked dinner tonight. Ground turkey instead of ground beef. I could not tell a difference. It was a great meal and probably a much more healthy alternative.

I went and played basketball tonight. I took Trevor with me. He was so funny running around messing with people. I played about 6 or 7 games. It was a very good night. I bought new basketball shoes. Very nice. I was drenched as usual when I left the gym. Looking forward to the next basketball night.

I go visit my Dr. tomorrow. I hope she has her calendar cleared. I am going to bombard her with all kinds of questions. I also find out about my blood work from like a month ago. I hope I can get an appointment with the nutritionist soon as well.

Enjoying the new me.


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