Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vacation has come to an END.

I am sad to say that my vacation is over. It was a great vacation. Monday we traveled down to Edisto, SC. We set up our little pop-up camper and went down to the beach.

On Tuesday morning I went for a nice little run down a dirt road that ran beside the marsh. It was very cool running under the live oak trees with the moss hanging down.

Tuesday afternoon we sat out on the beach reading and relaxing for about 4 hours. WOW! I sure did get some sun. My knees were so sun burnt it hurt to walk, so no running for me.

We went into Charleston and walked around for a little while. We asked a young lady selling Italian ice where the Battery was. She told us to keep going straight and we would run right into it. NOPE, she was dead wrong. If we would have kept walking straight we would have ended up in Columbia. All we had to do was walk about 3 blocks to the left and we would have been there. Nope, we walked about 10 blocks in the wrong direction and then the 5 blocks to the left correcting the mistake. I sure did get plenty of exercise this day.

The rest of the week we pretty much sat around enjoying some good books. I cannot wait for the next vacation.

Looking like a red faced raccoon.


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