Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spent part of the morning running an errand or two. Trevor and I hit up the local post office to mail some graduation invitations. He wanted to drop the envelopes in the drop box. One envelope at a time. Grinning the entire time he did it.

I cleaned the house a little today. I got distracted by the few rugs we have in the house. I grabbed the resolve and sprayed them down. I guess I could have used the regular old vacuum cleaner we have, but I am a man and I had to use the Shop Vac. It worked out well. The carpets are nice and clean and the house is smelling good.

Tonight was basketball night. We played full court for about 3 hours. I worked up a very good sweat. I played a couple of good games. One game I hit 4 three point shots in a row. I felt great playing tonight. My running up and down the court keeps getting better and better. I hope this helps my Mud Run time on Saturday.

Consider running in the 5K with me on May 22nd. Foothills Pregnancy Center is trying to purchase an ultra-sound machine. 95% of women considering an abortion will decide to back out of the abortion  if they have seen their baby. I am all about saving a baby's life. I love babies. If you cannot make the run, and you can afford to send a donation, would you consider doing that?

Loving life.



  1. Shep
    found your blog in the comments section of Kristen Armstrong's blog - keep up the great work
    I think your real struggles and humor will definitely help others who want to do the same thing