Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big Weekend

This has been a big weekend for us. I know I talk a lot about weight loss, basketball and running. I want to take a quick second and talk about my wife. Brandi is such an awesome woman. She loves me unconditionally. I am not an easy guy to live with. Brandi deals with my crazy antics day in and day out. Brandi is a great mother to our children. and an incredible teacher. I am a lucky man to have such a great woman as my wife and best friend. Brandi surprised me with a cake for my graduation lunch. Not only did she surprise me with an awesome cake but she arranged for her sister to keep the kids overnight. We went to Greenville and stayed in a very nice hotel. We had an excellent dinner at Ruth's Chris. Not exactly the kind of place we can afford to go to on a monthly or quarterly basis, but it was very nice. Thank you Brandi for such a wonderful weekend.

Friday night was the Swamp Rabbit 5K. I still have no idea what my official time was. I have checked the official results web page a few times and have not been able to find my name. I am looking at the finish line pictures and I will figure out my time. I have emailed the people who did the timing of the event as well to see if they can locate my official time as well.

The run was on a difficult course. The first mile was nice and flat, after that though, the hills started kicking some butt. They made an announcement before the race started for all the walkers to move to the back of the formation. THEY DID NOT LISTEN. I passed so many people who started out walking. I moved to toward the back of the formation with the 10+ minute milers. To keep myself from getting behind all the walkers in future races I will just start a little closer to the front.

Riley and Ryann completed their first 5K. Trevor was running the 5K but some how got himself lost. He was supposed to be walking/running with my uncle. My uncle stopped for water and Trevor kept going. Trev said some girls stopped him and asked him if he was lost. Trev told them he was lost, so they called the police and had Trev hang out with them. We finally found him. He was as cool as a cucumber. He told the police officer that we had parked at the baseball field, so they waited there until we tracked him down. I was running all over the place looking for him. I stopped a police officer and asked her if she knew if Trev was with one of their officers. They did tell me he was at the car waiting on us.What a way for Trev to end his last day as a 4 year old.

Graduating was a great thing, but the ceremony was boring. No idea why the university had to talk about their accomplishments and why they are such an awesome university. Really? Oh well. I am done. No more school for now. I am so glad to be done. I never thought I would get to the day I completed my degree. The old Shep would quit something any time it started to getting difficult. I am so glad I am making some big time changes in my life.

I will have some pictures up later on.


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