Monday, May 24, 2010

Today was a good physical pounding on the body. I helped a friend do a landscaping job for about 5 hours this morning. Lots of hard work. We weeded a flower bed and replaced the million weeds with several loads of mulch. After that, more mulch. And more mulch.

I then went this evening and played basketball. I probably played for an hour and a half straight. I really got in a good work out. I was drenched by the time I left.

Still looking for work. Keep praying I get the last position I interviewed for. We are trying to form a basketball league around Oconee, SC as well. If you have a gym or know someone who could let us use their gym, we would be estatic.

WORE OUT and headed to la la land.



  1. Way to go man!! You can see a change and I know your wife and kids can and appreciate it! So when you are not longer "fat" what will you call this sight......The Not So Fat Funny Guy!! or the Incredible Shrinking Man!!! :o)

  2. No idea what it will be called when I finally get down to where I need to be.