Friday, May 7, 2010

Twisted Ankle

Today has been a fairly productive day. Stephen came and fixed my lawn mower. I can now ride around and cut the grass. I still have not finished cutting the grass. My ADD distracted me and I started on a different task.

I started ripping up part of the drive way. I have become fed up with the water running down the driveway and into the garage every time it rains. I ripped up a 6 foot section of asphalt and started digging a hole so I can install a drain. When I get that completed I am going to plant some nice flowers and maybe even a few tomato and pepper plants.

I went and played basketball tonight. It was a lot of fun and great exercise. My shot was way off tonight. I went 5 for way too many. My defense was looking good though. I got a great cardio work out tonight. By January rolls around my game should be much improved. Looking forward to the basketball league at

My third 5K this year is coming up tomorrow night. I am slightly more nervous now after playing basketball. I twisted my ankle playing strong defense against a ball hog. I have no idea how my ankle got hurt either. I am icing it right now, so hopefully I will be at 100% for the run tomorrow.

Graduation practice is tomorrow morning. I am not happy about having to drive an hour to campus to practice lining up and practicing to sit down in my spot. Put my name on a seat. I know my name and I will walk up there and give you a high five, slap you on the butt and get my degree.

Fired up about tomorrow's run and Saturday.


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