Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today was a semi-productive day. I got a good bit of the yard/lawn cut/mowed. I am from South Carolina and I refer to it as a yard and I say cut. Anyway. We have 2.2 acres of land. About 1.75 acres I try to keep cut. My stupid riding mower is always on the outs. I have a push mower that works wonderfully. I can leave it sitting in the rain for months and it will still start up with little effort. The belt that turns the wheels on the front of the mower broke a while back. I am not very mechanically inclined so it has not been replaced. I pushed this mower around the yard for what seemed like FOREVER today. I started at about 11 this morning and finally knocked off around 1:30. A friend of mine is going to come and give me a hand tomorrow with the riding mower. Hopefully I will get the grass cut before Friday.

Friday is the 3rd 5K this year. We got an email from the race director detailing where, when and that sort of thing. There are about THREE THOUSAND people signed up for this race. I am very worried. I have never run in a race this large. Where will I finish comparatively to 3,000 people?

Just being active is a great accomplishment, but I do not just want to compete. I want to do well and I would love to finish top 3 in my age group. I cannot wait to run regardless of the number of people registered to run. I will have pictures up as soon as I can. This is going to be a busy busy weekend, SO I am not making any promises as to when though.

Run on Friday, graduation on Saturday, and Mother's day on Sunday. I hope you have something awesome planned for this weekend.


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