Monday, May 31, 2010

I had a very productive week last week. I had a paying gig everyday except Thurs and Sun. I even started one today but was rained out. This week I can only work on Tues. Wed. we are leaving for Indiana. Not a pleasure trip by any stretch of the imagination. My phone rings Sun. night, the screen showed me it was my good friend calling me. On the other end was a womans voice. My blood turned cold because I knew something bad happened. It was his mom letting me know my buddy had passed away. I was in utter shock. I feel guilty for not being a better friend. I should have called more often. I could have visited. Gilley was an awesome guy and I hate knowing I will never get to talk to him again. We served in Iraq together. He was always there for me, even when guys in my platoon were not. He pushed me to get to the gym. He helped me lose 45 pounds in 2005. He would have stepped in front of a bullet that was meant for any of us. He is going to be missed. I will forever be touched by the generousity of Corey Gilley.