Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our basketball games tonight were very intense. We only had ten people show up to play. We played at least 6 full court games, each game at least 20 minutes each. It was a very good workout. I normally leave with my shirts soaked, but tonight even my jockeys were soaked. I had a great time. To top it all off, the group of people I play with are awesome. They are a great group of Christian guys and girls having fun. Could it be any better? I guess if we were getting paychecks at the end of the night it could. I would venture to guess I sweated about about a gallon of sweat tonight. It was a good night. I shot the ball okay, and played defense well. Each week I am getting better and better. I am looking forward to basketball in January. Coaches, listen up, if you draft me you are getting a steal. If you want to improve your chances of having a player foul out, seriously, you need to draft me.

Tired and sore, but loving this active lifestyle.


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