Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am feeling like a big stupid jerk. I was watching TV thinking about the stupid Strawberry Cake in the fridge. I could not shake the thought. I broke and had a piece. About 45 minutes later, like a big stupid idiot, I went back and finished off the cake. I am pissed off about it. I am mad at myself. I do not have any idea why I would go ahead and do something so stupid and counterproductive to my weight loss journey. I weighed myself this morning and had dropped down to 230 pounds. Where will I be after the stupid gosh darn cake. I am going to have to get back on track. What am I going to do to make sure I do not something like this again? First step, Shep, do not buy stupid cake. I guess it really is not the cakes fault, probably could stop calling the cake names. I am so frustrated with myself. I must make sure I do not do this again.

Frustrated to no end right now.



  1. Shep:

    Found your story over at Facebook on the C25K and came to the blog.
    A great story you have, just take this setback and throw it away. There's always a new step to take that leads the straight way. Continue the journey and tell others what a difference your physical conditioning has done to improve your life. And share the Gospel too. As John Bingham would say "waddle on" my friend.

  2. Hey Shep, I found your story on Facebook, too.

    Don't feel too bad about the cake, just take it out on the streets when you run! My last weigh-in was at 193, and I struggle with junk food, too. My best suggestion is to find substitutes for cake or ice cream or whatever it is that you crave. Not allowing yourself to ever have it will just result in a binge like this. I rely on Skinny Cow ice cream and Yoplait Light yogurts to satisfy my sweet tooth now. Each one is about 100 calories, and seriously delicious. No kidding, they don't pay me. And if you still want more when you have your snack, go for a run instead! You'll realize that if you HAD eaten more cake or chips or pizza or whatever, you'd be completely miserable while trying to work out.

    Sometimes, though, I still eat a bag of chips. We all have our kryptonite.

  3. Thanks guys! I already know this, but it is so hard not to get frustrated with myself. The thing that bothers me the most, the cake wasn't that good and I really didn't want it that much to begin with. I was bored and up late alone. It is easy to forget about it and just do it again. I am making sure I remember for next time. I will not be the Fat Funny Guy at the school faculty staff christmas party this year. I will not.

  4. Isn't that the WORST?! I've stopped eating a lot of things after "splurging" on my diet and realizing that they really don't taste as good as I thought. You've come a LONG way judging by the pictures. Good job!!!

  5. It's okay!! Honest- it proably didn't put more than a pound on and you'll burn it up. The bummer part is that it wasn't the ultimate strawberry cake- just an "okay" one! Everyone has those days so put it behind you and move on.